Indian stealth frigate INS Tarkash visits Egypt

The Indian Navy’s frigate INS Tarkash (F50) has been on a three-day visit to Egypt as part of the Western Fleet Overseas program.

The Teg-class frigate arrived in Alexandria on June 28, 2019, after transiting the Suez Canal.

With this visit, India aims to boost its ties with Egypt and increase its footprint and operational reach.

During the visit of Tarkash, professional interactions with the Egyptian Navy towards further enhancing cooperation between the two forces took place.

In addition, visits of senior government and military authorities, sporting, cultural interactions, exchange visits of ships personnel and sharing best practices aimed at strengthening ties and mutual understanding between the two navies, were planned.

“The current visit seeks to underscore India’s peaceful presence and solidarity with friendly countries and, in particular, to strengthen the existing bonds of friendship between India and Egypt,” the Indian defense ministry said in a statement.

Tarkash, commanded by Captain Sathish Vasudev and commissioned in 2012, is equipped with a range of weapons and sensors capable of addressing threats in all three dimensions — air, surface and underwater.

With an operating range of 4,500 nm, the 3,970-ton ship is part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet and is under the operational Command of Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, based in Mumbai.

Photo: Photo: Indian Navy