UK MOD awards £85M contract to Rolls-Royce to boost Type-23 fleet capabilities

The UK Ministry of Defence has signed an £85 million contract with engineering company Rolls-Royce to maintain the engines of the Royal Navy’s Type-23 frigate fleet.

Type-23 frigate HMS Monmouth. Photo: UK MOD

The contract includes a comprehensive support package to Spey gas turbines, including the overhaul of engines, provision of spares, as well as engineering and safety support.

As explained, updates to the turbines are vital as they boost propulsion in the Type-23 frigates. They are also key pieces of equipment for anti-submarine warfare.

The Type-23 frigate is able to carry out a wide variety of operations, from securing the UK’s vital maritime trade routes East of the Suez Canal to safeguarding British interests in the South Atlantic.

Defence Minister Stuart Andrew announced the contract at HMNB Devonport where he saw Thursday War training which prepares the Royal Navy for war-fighting, humanitarian relief and emergency situations through a variety of drills and exercises.

“This £85m contract demonstrates the UK’s commitment to modernisation through the maintenance of our formidable Type-23s,” Minister Andrew said.

The contract will see Rolls-Royce overhaul thirty Type-23 engines from the UK and NATO partners Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands.

The contract is expected to deliver a £35 million increase in savings to the MOD over the next eight years, by incentivising Rolls-Royce to improve repair schemes, minimise unnecessary work and procure spares at a lower cost. This will result in shorter, less expensive overhauls, the MOD said in a statement.

Rolls-Royce will project manage the support contract, while the main overhaul and repair work will be carried out by RWG based in Aberdeen.

“The Type 23 frigate is central to Royal Navy operations around the world and keeping it at the forefront of operations is critical,” Defence Equipment and Support Chief of Materiel Ships Vice Admiral Chris Gardner noted.