German NH90 wraps up mission demonstrations ahead of first deliveries

The German Navy’s new NH90 Sea Lion helicopter performed mission demonstrations for its relevant roles earlier this month, ahead of first unit deliveries later this year.

The demonstrations included SAR missions, checking navy reconnaissance capabilities, and dropping off commandos and special forces equipment, including an inflatable boat.

Germany has a total of 18 helicopters on order with all units expected to be delivered by 2022.

The NH90 helicopters will replace the old ‘Sea King’ which has been in service with the navy for 40 years. In addition to performing land-based SAR missions, the NH90 Sea Lion is also intended to operate on the German Navy’s Type 702 (Berlin class) combat support ships.

The multi-role helicopter is developed by Europe’s NHIndustries partnership (Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters, and Fokker Aerostructures) in two versions – tactical troop transport (TTH) and NATO frigate helicopter (NFH). The NH90 contains a fully integrated mission system for operations in demanding conditions over land and sea, day and night.

Photo: Photo: Airbus