German Navy getting new tankers

The German Navy is set to receive two new double-hulled fleet tankers that are scheduled to start replacing their predecessors from 2024.

The acquisition was approved by the German chief of defense on July 17.

To be referred to as Type 707, the new ships will replace the Type 704 single-hulled tankers that have been in service with the navy for over 40 years.

At 170 meters, the new ships will be 40 meters longer than the FGS Rhoen and Spessart. They will also have an increased capacity, being able to carry 15,000 cubic meters of fuel. An option for the embarkation of up to 20 containers is also included.

Type 707s will have an increased maximum speed to be able to keep up with more modern navy ships. Displacing over 20,000 tons, the ships will be able to attain speeds of over 20 knots.

What is more, they will have a civilian complement of only 20, compared to the over 40 required by the Type 704 ships, according to the navy.

Photo: Illustration. Photo: German Navy