French attack submarine Suffren enters water

The lead boat of a new class of French Navy nuclear-powered attack submarines is now in the water after it was unveiled in a grand ceremony on July 12.

While the “launching ceremony” for the submarine Suffren was held early July, the boat entered water on August 1, according to an announcement from the French Directorate General of Armament (DGA).

Built by French shipbuilder Naval Group, Suffren is the first of a new generation of French Navy boats built to replace the ageing Rubis-class.

Suffren is one of six units in the class funded in 2006. Development of the Barracuda program, as the undertaking is also known, started in 1998.

The lead submarine is scheduled to start first sea trials in early 2020.

France expects to induct all Barracuda submarines – Suffren, Duguay-Trouin, Tourville, Dupetit-Thouars, Duquesne and De Grass – into active service by 2030.

Photo: Photo: DGA