UK takes command of Bahrain-based Combined Task Force 150

A UK-led joint staff of Royal Navy and French Marine Nationale assumed command of the Bahrain-based Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 from the Pakistan Navy on August 8.

During the ceremony at the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) headquarters in Bahrain, command of CTF 150 was passed from Commodore Alveer Ahmed Noor of the Pakistan Navy to Commodore Edward Ahlgren, OBE, Royal Navy.

Over the last 4 months, units under CTF 150’s command have carried out 15 successful boarding operations despite the unfavorable weather during the month of May, June and July. CTF 150 has been committed to building maritime counter-terrorism capability in regional navies and to promoting regional security and stability.

Member countries that contributed to CTF 150 success during the Pakistan-led rotation included Australia, Canada, France, Pakistan, the UK and the US, who all worked together in direct support in pursuit of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) goals.

CMF is a multinational naval partnership which works with regional partners to ensure maritime security and stability. This partnership consists of three task forces which deal with a range of threats from non-state actors such as piracy and the smuggling of illicit materials.

“Delivering maritime security is becoming increasingly complicated. Threats are evolving rapidly, and the adversary is not always evident. In a world where constant change is the only certainty, security in the maritime domain cannot be achieved by one organisation with limited assets – it’s a team effort from all of us. We, as the incoming CTF 150 team, look forward to being part of this great venture and making new friends along the way,” Commodore Ahlgren commented.

Photo: Photo: CMF