JFD acquires Dutch submersibles specialist Ortega Submersibles

UK-based commercial and defense diving company JFD announced it has bought all the assets, IP and designs rights of the Netherlands-based submersible boat designer and manufacturer Ortega Submersibles.

JFD said the acquisition would allow it to expand further its offering of advanced swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) and to develop new vehicles and capabilities in order to meet increased market demand for specialized small and medium-sized craft.

JFD, through its subsidiary JFD Ortega BV, will retain Ortega’s office and manufacturing facility and its whole team of designers and engineers at the established operational base in Enschede.

JFD will also add to its existing SDV manufacturing capability based in Vaxholm, Sweden, and expand its offering to include new vehicle designs that will allow special forces operators to safely conduct and covertly challenging missions.

Ortega Submersibles offers two SDV models for defense purposes, the three-seater Mk.1C and the four-seater Mk.1D.

“Through our acquisition of Ortega Submersibles, we will be able to expand our SDV offering, particularly for fully electric smaller and medium sized boats, to ensure that special forces operatives have the means to safely insert and extract themselves from any operation and under any mission requirements,” Giovanni Corbetta, managing director, JFD, said.

Photo: Photo: Ortega Submersibles