Royal Navy destroyer heading to Hormuz instead of Asia-Pacific

After deploying from Portsmouth for operations in the Asia Pacific earlier this month, Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender has now been ordered to Persian Gulf where it would aid in the protection of shipping in the Middle East.

Photo: Royal Navy

Following a series of attacks on tankers in the region and Iran’s seizing of British-flagged tanker Stena Impero, the UK confirmed its warships would join US assets on a new US-led international maritime security mission in the Persian Gulf.

Destroyer HMS Diamond is already in the area of operations as well as Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose, with another frigate, HMS Kent, set to join soon. The navy did not specify when HMS Defender would join them or how long the ship will support the operation.

“We always stand ready to take on new missions at short notice, wherever in the world they may be,” Commander Richard Hewitt, the commanding officer of HMS Defender, said.

“My ship’s company will work on this new mission with their usual professionalism and dedication, supported by our families back home.”


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