Norwegian Armed Forces award framework contract for naval base Haakonsvern

The Norwegian Armed Forces Logistics Organization (FLO) has awarded a framework contract to Endúr Maritime for supplementary maintenance assignments at the naval base Haakonsvern in Bergen.

Specifically, the contract comprises maintenance services and alteration work for all vessel classes the navy base at Haakonsvern has or will receive during the framework agreement period.

This includes both surface vessels and submarines, according to Endúr Maritime.

The calculated value of the contract, including the option period, is estimated by the Defense to be NOK 750 million (USD 83.6 million).

As informed, the framework contract is valid for a period of four years with an option for a further three years. The award has a waiting period until 30 September 2019 before the award can be signed and made effective.

The contract will be a supplement to existing framework agreements with the Armed Forces already have with various suppliers, as well as a supplement and to the maintenance performed by the Armed Forces themselves. Call-offs from this framework agreement will mainly be made in cases where the Norwegian Armed Forces need additional capacity and existing framework agreements do not cover the maintenance needs.

The Norwegian Navy has two naval bases which function as operational and logistical hubs. The main base is Haakonsvern Orlogsstasjon, located 15 kilometers outside the center of Bergen. The second base is located in Ramsund, Northern Norway.

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