After reviving the 2nd Fleet, US Navy reestablishes Submarine Group 2

After re-establishing the 2nd Fleet a little over a year ago, the US Navy revived Commander, Submarine Group (SUBGRU) 2 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Illustration. US Navy file photo

SUBGRU 2 was re-established on September 30 following its disestablishment in August 2014.

The move was described as another step in response to the reemergence of great power competition.

The navy said the SUBGRU 2 would enhance the its capacity to command and control its undersea warfare forces seamlessly across the entire Atlantic area, from the eastern seaboard of the United States to the Barents Sea, and even into the Southern Atlantic, if the need arises.

“The security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex– particularly in the North Atlantic,” said Vice Adm. Charles Richard, commander, Submarine Forces. “To maintain America’s undersea superiority, we must increase naval power and our readiness for high-end blue water warfare. How we’re organized to command that employment will be a driving factor in our success – that’s why we’re re-establishing Sub Group 2 today.”

SUBGRU 2 is commanded by Rear Adm. James Waters, who also assumed duties as commander, Task Force (CTF) 84. CTF 84 is the theater anti-submarine warfare (TASW) commander for U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

“Our motto, ‘Praeparavit Regnatura,’ means ready to dominate. We will prepare forces to control the undersea domain through rigorous competitive training, and a thorough understanding of our adversaries and the environment where we both operate,” said Waters. “Further, we will innovate and advance the art of theater anti-submarine warfare through complex fleet exercises and war games.”

Additionally, the command is capable of operating as an embedded CTF within C2F when it is activated as a Maritime Command Element, and to serve as the TASW commander for Commander, US 4th Fleet, as assigned. SUBGRU 2 will have additional administrative control responsibilities delegated from Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic.