US Navy tackles Truman’s electrical issues

The US Navy has managed to complete repairs to aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), which has been plagued electrical issues since August this year.

US Navy file photo

Works are now underway to prepare the ship and its air wing for a return to sea to conduct operations.

In August, the Navy announced an emergent maintenance requirement for an electrical issue aboard Truman.

The navy replaced damaged components and completed tests to ensure no further issues will arise.

An engineering analysis, coupled with inspections aboard several aircraft carriers, show that this was a localized issue and not a class-wide concern, the navy noted.

“Returning HST to full functionality was a team effort with a tremendous amount of work and collaboration by NAVSEA, our industry partners, shipyard workers and the crew of HST to overcome a very challenging technical issue,” said Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, Vice Admiral Thomas Moore.

The carrier’s deployment in August this year was the second one since it returned home in December 2018 after operations under the pivotal “dynamic force employment” concept.