Briggs Marine, Serco to bid for Royal Navy’s future marine services contract

Briggs Marine and Serco have teamed to bid for the Royal Navy’s next generation of marine services, known as Marine Services 2022.

The Marine Services 2022 contract will be the successor to the current Provision of Marine Services and Range Safety and Aircrew Training contracts held by the Ministry of Defence.

The duo has worked together since 2007 to support the Royal Navy on significant areas of the current Provision of Marine Services contract.

“Serco and Briggs Marine have a strong relationship developed over many years and I am delighted that we have agreed to work together on this important new contract,” Kevin Craven, Serco Chief Executive, UK & Europe, said.

“We have kept our promises to the Royal Navy and UK taxpayer throughout the Provision of Marine Services contract, despite its challenging financial performance. I am … proud of the … service we have delivered to the Royal Navy since 1996.”

“Together, we will offer the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence a strong potential supplier for this extremely important work,” Collieson Briggs, Managing Director of Briggs Marine, commented.

Briggs Marine provides services that include port and oil terminal operations, moorings and aids to navigation maintenance, vessel management, submarine cable installation and maintenance, vessel hire, environmental response and consultation, marine survey and air diving.

Serco’s services range from towing submarines to trialling cutting edge maritime technology, from ferrying passengers to transporting irradiated nuclear fuel.

Photo: Photo: Serco

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