BAE Systems bags USD 188M contract for US Navy’s AEGIS combat system

BAE Systems has been awarded a five-year USD 188.2 million contract to provide the US Navy’s AEGIS Technical Representative (AEGIS TECHREP) organization with critical large-scale system engineering, integration, and testing expertise for the AEGIS weapons and combat systems aboard US Navy surface combatant ships.

As part of the deal, BAE Systems will provide the US Navy acquisition managers with on-site leadership and systems engineering to validate Total Ship Combat design at navy sites in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey; Bath, Maine; and Pascagoula, Mississippi.

The company also will support systems engineering and test and evaluation personnel to provide fleet experience and operational insight.

Additionally, BAE Systems will provide logistics, cybersecurity, production, acquisition, and waterfront support required for upgrading and maintaining the development of AEGIS combat system capabilities and baselines across the entire life cycle.

“BAE Systems personnel have worked side-by-side with navy sailors and civilians for nearly 40 years to strengthen and modernize the fleet of AEGIS-equipped surface ships,” Mark Keeler, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems’ Integrated Defense Solutions business, said, adding that its team would ensure that the navy has the safe and effective combat capability it needs to meet mission objectives.