US SECNAV unveils names of two more Virginia-class attack submarines

The US Navy’s two future Virginia-class attack submarines will be named USS Tang and USS Wahoo, Kenneth J. Braithwaite, Secretary of the Navy said.

Illustration. Photo: US Navy/General Dynamics Electric Boat

USS Tang (SSN 805) and USS Wahoo (SSN 806) will carry the names of two storied World War II submarines.

“The success in battle both previous namesakes endured will undoubtedly bring great pride to the future crews of USS Tang and USS Wahoo,” Braithwaite commented.

Earlier this year, Braithwaite also named the USS Barb (SSN 804), another future Virginia-class attack submarine.

“Along with the previously named USS Barb (SSN 804), these boats will honor the strong traditions and heritage of the silent service.”

This will be the third time that the name Tang and Wahoo will be used for US Navy submarines.

Last year, the US Navy also unveiled the names of the first two Block V Virginia-class submarines, USS Oklahoma (SSN 802) and USS Arizona (SSN 803).

Block V Virginia-class submarines

In December 2019, the US Navy awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat a contract valued at $22.2 billion for the construction of nine new Virginia-class submarines.

The contract also includes the option of a tenth ship to be built within the contract time frame, bringing the total potential contract value to approximately $24.1 billion.

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Virginia-class submarines displace 7,800 tons, with a hull length of 377 feet and a diameter of 34 feet. With VPM, the submarines will displace 10,200 tons and have a length of 460 feet. They are capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots and can dive to a depth greater than 800 feet while carrying Mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes, Tomahawk land-attack missiles and unmanned underwater vehicles.

The Virginia (SSN 774) class units are replacing Los Angeles-class submarines as they retire.