Vard Marine to design transport vessel for Chilean Navy

Vard Marine Inc. has received a contract by Chilean state-owned ASMAR Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Company to design an amphibious and military transport vessel for the Chilean Navy.

Being part of the navy’s Escotillón IV program, the Vard-designed ships will be constructed at the ASMAR shipyard in Talcahuano.

Vard amphibious & military sea transport vessel for the Chilean Navy. Photo: Vard

The four newbuilds will reportedly replace the Chilean Navy’s LST-92 Rancagua and LST-95 Chacabuco barges, the AP 41 Aquiles transport and the Sargento Aldea hospital ship.

The multi-role vessels will be capable of operating throughout the Pacific and Southern Ocean with services to include logistic support, search and rescue (SAR) missions, troop and asset movement and deployment, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) operations.

The vessel concept will be based on existing Vard Series 7 designs and will be specially adapted to the specific requirements of the Chilean Navy, incorporating the latest generation of integrated well-dock systems enabling the carriage and deployment of a wide range of containerized and vehicle cargo, landing craft, helicopters and rescue boats, for logistics, SAR and HADR missions.

“This program will be our fourth successful collaboration with ASMAR, including the design of the venerable AP 41 Aquiles, one of the vessels that, after an accomplished and storied career, the Escotillón IV Program will replace,” Wade Carson, President of Vard Marine Inc., commented.

Photo: Vard amphibious & military sea transport vessel for the Chilean Navy. Photo: Vard