Fincantieri kicks off SEA Defence activities

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has officially started its activities within the European SEA Defence project.

Illustration. Image: Fincantieri Marinette Marine

The project has been selected within the European Defense Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP 2019) and started last December.

The EDIDP, which paves the way for the European Defence Fund, focuses on strengthening the European defence technological and industrial base, as well as on increasing the EU’s autonomy and technological leadership.

The SEA Defence project is supported by participating EU Member States, led by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

The grant agreement worth a total of about EUR 14 million which finances the project was signed by the EC, marking an important step in EU naval cooperation.

SEA Defence is a collaboration of SEA Naval, the naval working group of the European Shipyards and Equipment Association (SEA Europe), including Damen, Fincantieri, supported by its subsidiaries Cetena and Seastema as linked third parties, Naval Group, Navantia, SAAB Kockums, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Lürssen Defence, TNO, MARIN, Odense Maritime Technology, CTN.

SEA Defence is a feasibility study which aims to provide a roadmap of technologies to be included in the next generation of naval platforms and pursued in further European development programmes.

Specifically, the study will address de following issues: lower detectability; higher survivability against modern surface and subsurface threats including against high-speed threats and swarming threats; reduction of ship motions; improved electric power generation and storage; capability to operate in extreme climates; topside; and increased autonomy and automation. For each area, the state of the art will be mapped and the impact of ship integration on capabilities, budget and interfaces will be assessed. Recommendations will be provided to realize innovations ready for the next generation naval platforms from their design or during their lifetime.