USS Daniel Inouye; Courtesy of US Navy

Future USS Daniel Inouye completes acceptance trials

The US Navy’s future Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Daniel Inouye (DDG 118) completed acceptance trials on 4 February, after spending a day off the coast of Maine.

USS Daniel Inouye; Courtesy of US Navy

Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) inspected the ship during a series of demonstrations while pier side and underway.

Many of the ship’s onboard systems – including navigation, damage control, mechanical and electrical systems, combat systems, communications, and propulsion applications – were tested to validate performance and, according to the US Navy, it met or exceeded specifications.

Capt. Seth Miller, DDG 51 class program manager, Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships, said: “Following an outstanding Combined Alpha and Bravo trials this past December, DDG 118 performed superbly during the ship’s Acceptance Trial earlier this week. The Navy and industry team are ready to deliver a highly capable multi-mission warship to the fleet within the next few weeks”.

In December 2020, the newbuild also wrapped up sea trials off the coast of Bath.

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As for the vessel, Daniel Inouye is a Flight IIA destroyer, equipped with the Aegis Baseline 9 Combat System, which includes Integrated Air and Missile Defense capability and enhanced Ballistic Missile Defense capabilities.

This system is said to deliver quick reaction time, high firepower, and increased electronic countermeasures capability against a variety of threats.

Following delivery, USS Daniel Inouye will be the 37th Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) class destroyer to be delivered by BIW.

Notably, PEO Ships, as one of the Defense Department’s largest acquisition organizations, is responsible for executing the development and procurement of all destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, and special warfare craft.