Egyptian Navy orders MBDA’s new anti-air missiles for Gowind corvettes

Missile manufacturer MBDA has been awarded a contract from the Egyptian Navy for the VL MICA NG — new generation — air defence system to equip its Gowind corvettes.

As explained, the VL MICA NG system, launched in October 2020, offers improved capabilities to handle atypical targets — UAVs, small aircraft — as well as future threats characterised by increasingly low observable infrared and radio frequency signatures.

Additionally, VL MICA NG will be able to intercept ‘conventional’ targets such as aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles at longer distances.

Several years ago, the Egyptian Navy ordered four Gowind 2500 corvettes being built under a transfer of technology agreement with French defense contractor Naval Group.

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In January 2021, the navy took delivery of the corvette Port Said (ENS 976) — the first warship 100% built in Egypt.

Photo: Photo: Alexandria Shipyard