France’s FS Forbin destroys supersonic target

The French FS anti-air warfare destroyer (AAWD) Forbin has destroyed one supersonic target with an anti-air missile Aster 30 during exercise At-Sea Demo/Formidable Shield 2021.

France's FS Forbin destroys supersonic target
Photo by Rachel Bodier – Marine Nationale

The FS Forbin has been participating in the At-Sea Demo/Formidable Shield exercise since May 15.

At-Sea Demo/Formidable Shield 21, organised by the U.S. Sixth Fleet Command and conducted under STRIKFORNATO’s operational command, gathered a maritime force of some 15 Allied ships. The exercise includes live firing on a variety of targets.

On 21n May, the FS Forbin was assigned a simulated mission to protect the priority maritime facilities of an Allied country. The ship’s crew detected, tracked, and intercepted a supersonic target flying at more than 3,000 kilometres per hour, a few metres above the surface.

The ship’s surface-to-air missile defense system, PAAMS, was ready, and an Aster 30 combat missile was fired. The firing is said to be very complex as its outcome depends on each sailor on board.

For a French AAW, this is the first firing of an Aster 30 combat missile, with its military payload.

This reportedly illustrates the French AAWD’s ability to adapt to the evolution of threats and to integrate high-value-added technical means.

Photo: Photo by Rachel Bodier - Marine Nationale