Serco Canada receives AiP for its Atlas 120 frigate design

Serco Canada Marine (Serco) has received approval in principle (AiP) from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its Atlas 120 frigate design.

Illustration: Frigate HDMS Niels Juel (F363) sails together with other SNMG1 and US Navy units during BALTOPS 2018. Photo: US Navy

As informed, the Atlas 120 light frigate is a modern general-purpose surface warship that measures 120 metres in length. The ship can accommodate almost all standard NATO missile munitions and the hangar and flight deck have been sized to accommodate all NATO medium-lift naval helicopters.

What is more, the unit has a broad range of passive and active self-defence systems to protect it from all directions. Additionally, the design can be easily modified to the owner’s preference in combat capability, including the addition of a passive phased array radar and a towed array sonar to augment ASW. 

The vessel design was evaluated in accordance with the requirements of LR’s Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Naval Ships and with the International Naval Safety Association (INSA) Naval Ship Code.

“The Atlas 120 Light Frigate design was born in response to the need for a mid-sized, general purpose surface combatant that could be tailored to suit use-case requirements that range from maritime security to warfighting,” said Russell Peters, General Manager of Serco Canada Marine.

“We are delighted to award Approval in Principle to Serco for its new Atlas 120 Frigate,” said Kevin Humphreys, LR Americas Marine and Offshore President.

“The application of LR’s Naval Ship Rules and INSA’s Naval Ship Code are industry benchmarks; receiving approval to these standards offers additional assurance that the ship design is fit for purpose and safe. We look forward to the success of the Atlas 120 Frigate in filling niche operational roles that are becoming more important to navies around the world,” Humphreys concluded.

Serco’s team has supported the development of the Royal Canadian Navy’s joint support ship (JSS) and the Halifax-class patrol frigates, among other naval vessels.