Rolls-Royce to work on electrification of Indian Navy’s “fleet of the future”

As part of the UK’s upcoming Carrier Strike Group tour, UK-based engineering company Rolls-Royce wants to explore opportunities for partnering with the Indian Navy to offer end-to-end solutions for the electrification of future warships.


Rolls-Royce is the only manufacturer in the world that has provided marine gas turbine generators into front-line integrated full electric propulsion (IFEP) powered destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Being a key member of the Power and Propulsion Sub-Alliance, Rolls-Royce was responsible for the design, procurement, manufacture, integration, test and delivery of the Queen Elizabeth Carrier ships’ power and propulsion system, which includes the mighty MT30 marine gas turbine and a low voltage electrical distribution system.

During the tour, the firm plans to showcase capabilities for providing naval propulsion solutions aboard the
HMS Queen Elizabeth warship.

The Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth-class (QEC) aircraft carriers operate an IFEP system that is one of the most advanced propulsion systems offering increased power, flexibility and reliability – best suited for large warships.

It provides two MT30 marine gas turbine alternators per ship, rated at 36MW, with the power to propel these vessels beyond 25knots. The MT30 alone delivers design benefits through its power density, significantly reducing the number of gas turbines required to power advanced naval platforms.

What is more, the QEC also feature a complete Rolls-Royce low voltage (LV) electrical distribution system that distributes enough electricity to power the equivalent of 5,000 family homes.

Rolls-Royce is well-positioned to partner India for the modernisation of its naval fleet with the right mix of products, experience and capabilities to design, build, deliver and support customised naval systems and solutions,” Richard Partridge, Chief of Naval Systems, Rolls-Royce said.

“Our … offerings … provide the …. solutions for developing integrated hybrid-electric and full-electric propulsion for naval vessels, including the integration of the MT30 that brings the most power dense gas turbine to these next generation warships.

Our experience of supporting the electrification of the Royal Navy’s warships over many years is of particular significance, including the design and deployment of the world’s first hybrid-electric naval system,” Kishore Jayaraman, President – India and South Asia, Rolls-Royce concluded.

Rolls-Royce’s MT30 marine gas turbines were selected for the Republic of Korea Navy’s (RoKN) FFX Batch III frigate, known as the Ulsan-class frigate in December last year.

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The MT30 gas turbine is already in service with several navies around the globe including the US Navy’s Freedom-class littoral combat ship and Zumwalt-class destroyers, the Republic of Korea’s Daegu-class frigates and the Italian Navy’s new landing helicopter dock.