Rohde & Schwarz lands communication system deal with a Gulf navy

Technology company Rohde & Schwarz Emirates has received a contract to deliver external and internal communications systems for new corvettes for an undisclosed Gulf navy.

Under the agreement, the company will provide the ships with an integrated IP-based naval integrated communication system NAVICS, in addition to the external line-of-sight (VHF/UHF) and beyond-line-of-sight (HF) communications solutions it has already provided.

Furthermore, the tech firm provides onboard communications so that third parties will not be able to interfere with information exchange. All Rohde & Schwarz equipment is in line with the relevant MIL-STDs for naval applications and mission-proven by more than 40 navies.

The new deal marks the company’s further commitment to support interoperability within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

“Rohde & Schwarz, a long-term partner of the Gulf navies, is working toward a common basis and interoperability within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) by providing communications solutions, training, and service level agreements,Ernest Joseph Yasso, Vice President Military and Government Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz Middle East and Africa, explained.

Last year, the firm took part in a successful eight-month mid-life upgrade of HNLMS Pelikaan for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

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Photo: Rohde & Schwarz