QinetiQ details its support for Royal Navy’s next-gen electronic warfare system

British defence technology company QinetiQ has provided details about its role to support the upgrade of the Royal Navy’s next-generation electronic warfare system.

As part of a contract award under the Royal Navy’s Maritime Electronic Warfare Systems Integrated Capability (MEWSIC), QinetiQ is working within the BEQ collaboration of Babcock and Elbit Systems UK to deliver a next-generation digitised electronic warfare system for Royal Navy surface platforms. 

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The contract, which was signed last November, will also see the implementation of a suite of novel sensors that will “significantly improve situational awareness so the Royal Navy can detect and defeat 21st century threats,” according to the firm.

In order for MEWSIC to realize its full potential, it needs to be effectively integrated into existing Royal Navy combat systems; be tested and evaluated for operational readiness; and assured for safe use.

Now, QinetiQ’s role is to use its experience in sensing technology, naval combat systems integration, and digitised test and evaluation to help achieve these critical outcomes.

Strengthening maritime capabilities ensures the Royal Navy are spearheading innovation and are prepared for new and emerging threats. This ambition, outlined in the Defence Command Paper, is reinforced by the £24 billion increase in defence spending over the next four years, the navy officials emphasized

The contract, which is valued at £100 million ($136 million), was signed in November last year.

Photo: Illustration; Photo: BAE Systems