PAL Aerospace to upgrade Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard’s DHC-8 MPA

PAL Aerospace, a member of the Exchange Income Corporation family of companies, entered into a contract to upgrade and operate two fully missionized DHC-8 maritime patrol aircraft for the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard.

PAL Aerospace
Credit: PAL Aerospace

PAL Aerospace explained the maritime patrol aircraft associated with this program will be upgraded with sensor systems for tasks like maritime surveillance, search and rescue, law enforcement for counter-narcotics operations, sovereignty enforcement and customs enforcement, among other missions as designated.

Besides providing continued provision of air reconnaissance and related support services, the company will also support crew training on all systems. The contract was signed for a ten-year period with an option to extend it.

“This program extends our relationship with a valued customer and supports our tradition of commercializing the innovative technologies and practices we continue to refine here in Canada and abroad,” said Jake Trainor, CEO of PAL Aerospace.

This contract also solidifies PAL Aerospace’s relationship with consortium bidding partner JetSupport Amsterdam.

An independent provider of aircraft maintenance and support based at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, JetSupport and PAL Aerospace are also partnered in the delivery of and support for maritime patrol aircraft for the Netherlands Coastguard.