Turkey tests MÜREN CMS on Preveze-class submarine for the first time

The Turkish Navy has conducted a successful test-firing from the new Pereveze-class submarine TCG Pereveze using the MÜREN combat management system.

According to the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, the new locally-built AKYA torpedo was fired from the submarine, as the navy continues to test the weapon.

The Turkish Navy worked on the completion of the platform incorporation of the MÜREN combat management system as part of the Preveze-class submarine mid-life modernization project (Preveze-YÖM). The project reached an important milestone last month when defence contractor STM completed the critical design phase.

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STM is in charge of the platform incorporation of all systems that are being improved for the Preveze-class submarines, as well as for the purchase of systems under the project.

Mid-life modernization project of Preveze-class submarines covers the modernization of four submarines including TCG Preveze (S-353), TCG Sakarya (S-354), TCG 18 Mart (S-355) and TCG Anafartalar (S-356) in the inventory of Naval Forces Command.