Croatia orders patrol vessel pair from Vittoria Shipyard

Cantiere Navale Vittoria (Vittoria Shipyard) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia for the construction of two offshore patrol vessels.

According to the information provided by local media, the project involves the designing and construction of two coastal patrol vessels. The ships will be 21.5-meters long and 6.5 meters wide, and built entirely of aluminum. Furthermore, they will feature a screw propeller and two 1,213-kilowatt MAN engines, capable of reaching a top speed of over 31 knots.

Croatian ship classification society the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) will conduct the necessary tests and classification measures.

The value of the contract is €6.5 million co-financed by the EU as part of the Frontex external border management program.

The vessels are slated for delivery next year. They will be used to conduct maritime surveillance and rescue operations.

The Italian shipbuilder has previously constructed patrol vessel Vittoria C868 for the Croatian Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure. The vessel is part of project category A (approved by CRS, the Croatian Register of Shipping) and can cover an unlimited navigation area. 

Used in patrol and rescue operations, the Vittoria C868  is a 14-meter ship that can carry up to 12 passengers, plus three crewmen, according to the company.

Photo: Vittoria Shipyard