WATCH: Pakistan Navy conducts live firing exercise in North Arabian Sea

The Pakistan Navy conducted live weapon firing of anti-ship missiles and torpedoes in the North Arabian Sea on 13 March to demonstrate combat readiness.

Pakistan Navy

During the exercise, the navy’s ship, aircraft and submarine successfully hit their intended targets “re-affirming PN’s warfighting capability and combat potential”.

The live weapon firing was conducted as part of the sea phase of the navy’s maritime exercise SEASPARK-2022. The exercise was conducted to validate PN operational plans and war preparedness of the Pakistan Navy.

View on Youtube.

Pakistan’s Naval Chief expressed “satisfaction regarding the operational readiness of the navy and its preparedness to defend the national maritime interests”.

“Pakistan Navy stands fully prepared to tackle threats across the entire spectrum of warfare. The show of firepower by Surface, Sub-Surface, and Aviation units is a manifestation of our resolve.”

Recently, the Pakistan Navy commissioned PNS Tughril, the first of four Type 054A/P frigates built in China.

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