Indian Navy to buy two multi-purpose vessels

The Indian Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with M/s Larsen & Toubro for acquisition of two multi-purpose vessels (MPVs) for the Indian Navy.

Indian Navy
Indian Navy

These vessels, to be built by M/s L&T shipyard at Kattupally (Chennai), will perform multi-role support functions such as maritime surveillance and patrol, launching/ recovery of torpedoes and operation of various types of aerial, surface and underwater targets for Gunnery/ ASW firing exercises.

The units will also be capable of towing ships and rendering humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) support with limited hospital ship capability.

Furthermore, they will act as a trial platform for naval weapons and sensors under development, a support platform for ISV & salvage operations, and to provide logistics support for island territories, the officials noted.

The value of the contract is ₹ 887 crore ($116.3 million). The multi-purpose ships will be “the first of its kind platforms, constructed to provide solutions  to meet a variety of requirements of Indian Navy.”

The purchase is part of the Indian national initiative “Make in India, Make for the World” to encourage active participation in the Indian shipbuilding industry.