iXblue to provide navigation systems to Norwegian and German Type 212CD subs

Tech company iXblue has been selected by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) to provide navigation systems to the newly built Type 212CD submarines intended for the Norwegian and German navies.


Under the contract, the company will provide its iXblue Marins M8 inertial navigation systems (INS) to six Type 212CD vessels.

Photo by: iXblue

The six submarines, that will require highly performing systems for increased submerged navigation capability, will rely on iXblue Marins M8 INS, interfaced with KTA Naval Systems’ ORCCA combat management system.

To remind, the procurement organizations of Germany and Norway signed a contract with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) for the construction of six Type 212CD submarines.

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“The U212CD is a major program for the European naval industry, and we are very proud to be on board and supply this new generation of submarines,” said Enzo Aldrovandi, Regional sales manager for iXblue.

Construction of the first Type 212CD boat will begin in 2023.

Delivery of the first submarine for the Norwegian Navy is expected for 2029, while the delivery of the two boats for the German Navy is scheduled for 2032 and 2034.

The new Type 212 CD submarines will share the low signatures of the Type 212 boats in service with the navies of Germany and Italy but will have extended range, speed and endurance to allow worldwide operations, according to TKMS.

 iXblue’s Marins INS has already been selected for several other programs such as the F122 (Bremen-class),the F123 frigates (Brandenburg-class), and Jan Mayen OPVs.

More globally, recent successes in naval navigation include the newest French FDI, Spanish F110 multi-mission frigates, the US Navy Freedom-class littoral combat ships, Finland’s four multi-role corvettes (Squadron 2020 project) or the Polish Navy’s Kormoran II class MCMVs.

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