Work starts on Turkey’s small-sized STM500 subs

Turkish defense technology firm STM has kicked off the production of the Turkish Navy’s small attack STM500 submarines.


The information was confirmed by the head of Presidency of the Defense Industries (SSB), Ismail Demir.

“A historic step in our national submarine adventure. We are starting the production of the STM500 submarine, which was designed by Turkish engineers with national resources, with the test production of a durable boat,” Demir published in a tweet.

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Demir also emphasized that the STM500 is designed to be able to serve both in the open sea and in shallow waters.

“It responds to tactical needs such as reconnaissance and surveillance, special forces operations and antisubmarine warfare. The STM500 will be equipped with advanced and modern warfare systems.”

STM500 submarine is a shallow water diesel-electric attack submarine developed solely in Turkey by STM as a conceptual design. The vessel will measure 42 meters in length and displace around 500 tons.

Photo: STM

The platform is capable of enduring 18 personnel for 30 days at depths more than 250 meters, ready to fire its four tubes loaded with a variety of eight heavy-weight torpedoes and guided missiles.