Egypt’s third Gowind-class corvette wraps up sea trials

Egyptian Navy’s third Gowind-class corvette has completed its first sea trials, as revealed by the French shipbuilding company Naval Group.

Naval Group/Twitter

In a tweet published on 5 June, the French shipbuilder announced the vessel, built by Alexandria Shipyard, completed its sea trials and the milestone demonstrates the success of the transfer of technology and production and strong industrial cooperation.

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Under a contract signed with Naval Group, the Egyptian Navy has acquired four corvettes with an option for two more ships. The first vessel was to be built in France while the other three would be built in Egypt under a technology transfer program.

The contract, which entered into force in July 2015, provided for the construction of the first ship. Alexandria Shipyard is responsible for the construction of the remaining three vessels.

The Gowind-class corvette chosen by the Egyptian Navy is a 102 -meter ship with a displacement of 2,500 tonnes. The steel monohull ships incorporate the SETIS multi-mission combat management system already in use by the FREMM frigates.

The corvette is equipped with facilities for an embarked helicopter and drones. It can accommodate 65 crew members.

The UAE has ordered two corvettes of the same class from Naval Group, while the first vessel was launched last December.

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