Israeli Navy picks Steadicopter’s Black Eagle electric unmanned helicopter

Rotary unmanned aerial systems (RUAS) supplier Steadicopter has won a contract to provide its Black Eagle 5O electric unmanned helicopter for the Israeli Navy.


The Black Eagle Electric family is the first family of unmanned helicopters that are powered by an electric motor.

The model Black Eagle 50, which features eco-friendly characteristics, has a maximum take-off weight of 50 kg, a useful load weight of 30 kg, including payload and batteries, and a flight time of two hours.

The dual-fuel, electrically-powered engine significantly reduces the weight of the platform, thereby enabling the installation of additional payloads.

Weighing just 20kg as a platform, Black Eagle can carry additional batteries for longer flights, heavier mission payloads, and more. As such, the system enables the widest variety of missions, including covert operations.

The units can be adapted to diverse applications, including complex maritime missions, according to the company.

“In the past year, we have expanded the Black Eagle family with the addition of a hybrid and electric system of up to 50kg,” said Noam Lidor, VP Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Steadicopter. 

“There is a growing global need for unmanned systems with vertical landing and takeoff capabilities. We expect that the company will be reporting further deals in the near future,” Lidor concluded.