Sweden invests in naval underwater ranges

Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has awarded a contract to defence company Saab regarding naval underwater signature ranges.


In the naval area, the underwater ranges are central to the measuring and verification of underwater signatures by naval ships and submarines.

Today’s sensors make it increasingly difficult to remain undetected. A low signature reduces the risk of being detected by the enemy’s weapons and reconnaissance systems, according to Saab.

“We continue to strengthen Sweden’s defence capabilities. This time through our … underwater technology that will ensure that the Swedish Navy can optimise its underwater signatures,” said Niclas Kolmodin, head of Saab’s business unit Underwater Systems.

The order is a follow-up order to a contract signed in 2020 and the project will continue until 2026.

The production will take place in Sweden and primarily in Linköping.

The contract is valued at SEK 127.5 million ($11.8 million).

To remind, two months ago, Saab held a keel-laying ceremony for the Swedish Navy’s first Blekinge-class submarine at its shipyard in Karlskrona. During the ceremony which took place on 30 June, the first hull sections were placed next to one another to be joined.

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In 2015, Sweden ordered two Blekinge-class submarines. The Blekinge-class submarines, also designated as A26, will measure 66.1 meters in length with a beam of 6.75 meters. They will displace 1,925 tons.

HMS Blekinge and HMS HMS Skåne will be capable of fielding missiles in addition to the traditional load of mines and torpedoes.