Swedish Navy trials Saab’s Enforcer III in Baltic Sea

The Swedish Navy has tested Saab’s test platform for the development of autonomous functions Enforcer III in the southern Baltic Sea.


Unmanned technology is under rapid development and future Swedish corvette divisions could be made up of a combination of manned and unmanned platforms.

Photo: Saab

The unmanned platform makes the manned platform more efficient and reduces the risks to units and staff. Enforcer III contains techniques for improved navigation support and possibilities to operate it unmanned. It can be used for advanced reconnaissance.

This is when you send the boat out on long distances and it delivers useful information with assistance from radar and camera, Saab noted.

For security reasons there is a crew onboard during the tests, but the boat’s operations are directed from the corvette HMS Nyköping. The targets discovered by Enforcer III are sent to Saab’s staff on the corvette, and they then transfer it to the ship.

“We have used Enforcer III tactically for advanced reconnaissance. We are then able to be more withdrawn and radar silent. That makes my ship far more difficult to localise for the enemy,” said Viktor Tornerhjelm, commanding officer of HMS Nyköping.

“A risk assessment is made every time you send out a boat and today we always have people onboard. But we see that it is now possible to send unmanned boats out in higher risk scenarios,” stated Jens-Olof Lindh, Project Manager at Saab.