SH Defence, partners join forces on minelaying tech

SH Defence, DA-Group and Forcit Defence have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop the use of CUBE for the launching, laying and storage of sea mines. 

SH Defence

The solution will be designed by and manufactured by DA-Group and FORCIT, such as but not limited to the BLOCKER and TURSO sea mines, into the Containerized Multi-Mission Module system called The Cube System.

The cooperation will be based on SH Defence’s modular mission concept, the Cube System with associated handling equipment, and will include design and conception; supported with DA-Group patented modular SUMICO naval minelaying concept. 

The system is rapidly becoming the standard within modularization of maritime mission capabilities for naval, coastguard, and SAR vessels around the world, especially within NATO and around the Baltic Sea.

“Modern naval vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions and roles both in peacetime and wartime. Therefore, the easy and rapid exchange of capabilities is an increasing requirement for new buildings and the retrofit of naval vessels,” Lars Gullaksen, Area Sales Director, SH Defence, said.

“This partnership with DA-Group and FORCIT allows us to jointly develop the multi-mission capabilities and expand the portfolio of payloads to include the most modern sea mines for the adaptability of both Scandinavian, NATO, and other navies.” 

“We are excited to start the collaboration with SH Defence. They are now taking real action and provide world navies the future proof modular solution for naval minelaying. We have been working with sea mines and mission modularity for years and we have seen the need for such a system. This is also the reason for SUMICO patent, which now can be utilized in Cube System to enhance navies’ operational capabilities and flexibility,” Kristian Tornivaara, Chief Business Officer at DA-Group Defence and Aerospace, said.

Recently, SH Defence signed an agreement with Spanish shipbuilder Navantia for the Cube system.

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