HMAS Toowoomba fires ESSM during exercise off Western Australia


Australian Navy’s Anzac-class frigate HMAS Toowoomba achieved a milestone while undergoing training off the coast of Western Australia.

Australian Navy
Credit: Australian Navy

As informed, the frigate successfully fired an Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) for the first time since completing the Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) upgrade.

Australian Navy

Toowoomba’s weapons electrical engineering officer, Lieutenant Commander Kieran Davis, said it was a significant part of maintaining operational readiness.

“The purpose of Toowoomba’s ESSM firing was to verify combat system performance in the detection, tracking and engagement of manoeuvrable targets at sea,” he said.

“The safe and successful execution of this firing involved synchronisation from many parts of ship, including the weapons electrical department, combat systems operators, warfare officers and the navigation team.”

“Thanks to the combined efforts of ship’s company, we were able to effectively fire an ESSM and intercept the intended target.”

Toowoomba completed the 18-month AMCAP upgrade in April 2022, which included out-of-water maintenance and significant capability upgrades to radar, communication and platform systems.

The ship is one of five Anzac-class frigates to complete the AMCAP upgrade, providing enhanced capability to the navy’s fleet.