Hanwha Systems to provide combat systems for six Philippine Navy’s OPVs

Hanwha Systems Co., the defense division of South Korea’s Hanwha Group, has been awarded a contract to supply combat management systems for Philippine Navy offshore patrol vessels (OPVs).

Hanwha Systems

Under a $29.5 million contract, the company will provide the equipment for six OPVs. The deal also encompasses the export of the standard digital communications system, known as the tactical data link. This is worth $5 million.

Tactical Data Link (TDL) is a digital standard communication system that shares and spreads tactical information in real-time based on combat systems.

The latest contract raised the number of Philippine naval ships that are and will be equipped with Hanwha’s CMS to 13.

Last year, the firm exported domestic combat systems to two Philippine patrol combat corvettes (PCC), and the combat system business for two 2600t Philippine frigates ordered in 2017 and Philippine frigates (DPCF, Del Pilar-class) in 2019. Frigate), following the performance improvement project of three ships, recorded the fourth export to the Philippine Navy. The OPV, which is the target of this export, is smaller than a frigate and mainly performs maritime surveillance missions in coastal waters.

Hanwha Systems plans to actively participate in the project to introduce new vessels such as submarines, high-speed boats, and landing platform dock (LPD), which are scheduled as part of the Philippine Navy’s modernization plan. The Philippines is focusing on strengthening its naval power amid territorial disputes in the South China Sea and rising military tensions in the Western Pacific.