Croatian Navy orders Vestdavit’s PLAR-4000 davit for its OPVs

The Croatian Navy has returned to Vestdavit for a repeat order of the latter’s PLAR-4000 davit for retrofitting on an offshore patrol vessel (OPV) after seeing its proven reliability on a range of operational missions.


The order marks the latest order for Vestdavit of the compact and lightweight PLAR davit type that is widely used on naval and coastguard vessels.

The PLAR-4000 davit, with boat-handling capacity of 4000kg, is designed with an aluminium frame that makes it 30% lighter than steel-structured equivalents to enhance vessel stability, while also minimizing corrosion.

Reduced weight of onboard equipment also results in better energy efficiency with lower fuel consumption that enables an OPV to operate farther from shore and remain longer at sea, as well as improved speed responsiveness and manoeuvrability.

Consequently, the lightweight PLAR system has been preferred for fast patrol boats being used by the Royal Australian Navy’s Cape Class Vessels, the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Danish Navy, the Swedish Navy, the US Coast Guard and others.

The modular davit is delivered pre-assembled and skid-mounted for ease of installation, while its compact size makes it adaptable for retrofitting on an existing vessel with limited space availability, which was a key requirement with the latest Croatian naval order.

Furthermore, the davit’s hydraulic system comprises stainless steel components that are designed for a high level of durability and ease of maintenance.

“It is gratifying to see the same client has placed a second order for a similar davit because it has been satisfied with the impressive performance of the first one over three years of operation since its delivery to the Croatian Navy in 2019,” said Vestdavit Managing Director Rolf Andreas Wigand.

“This repeat order also underpins market confidence in the PLAR davit system and strengthens our position as we seek to expand deliveries to the defence and coastguard sectors in the wider regional market of the East Mediterranean.”