BAE Systems scores £270mln deal to support Royal Navy’s radars

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded BAE Systems a 10 year contract worth £270 million to support the Royal Navy’s three main radar systems: Artisan, Sampson, and Long Range Radar (LRR).

BAE Systems

Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers to the Type 45 destroyers feature at least one of these systems.

The £270 million support contract replaces a number of existing contracts, delivering increased value for money and allowing greater investment in future technology development.

Under the contract, BAE Systems engineers will provide maintenance support and upgrade existing radars, including a roll out of technology upgrades to systems already in use as well as those being installed on the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 frigates, which the company is currently building in Glasgow.

“Equipping our Armed Forces with the latest technology to counter emerging threats is critical to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our fleet and personnel. Securing hundreds of jobs across the UK, this contract is a boost for the UK Supply Chain and lets our adversaries know we are equipped, prepared and ready,” James Cartlidge, Minister for Defence Procurement, said.

The MOD and BAE Systems are jointly investing a further £50 million to develop the next generation of radar technology which the Royal Navy requires to tackle emerging threats, including ballistic missiles and drones.

The MOD will contribute £37.5 million and BAE Systems will invest £12.5 million into research and development.