UK’s Type 45 destroyer departs on six-month Mediterranean mission

Royal Navy’s HMS Duncan has sailed from Portsmouth on a six-month mission leading an international task group in the Mediterranean.

Royal Navy

The Type 45 destroyer will serve as flagship of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 that patrols from the Pillars of Hercules to the Bosphorus ensuring security, safety and peace across the Mediterranean.

It’s the third time in five years I have attached HMS Duncan to the long-standing NATO group. It’s also the first deployment for the warship since it underwent a major overhaul in its home base, followed by extensive regeneration.

The last act of Duncan’s regeneration was a stint in the Med earlier this year, which included joining France’s flagship, carrier FS Charles de Gaulle, on exercises off Toulon.

As flagship, NATO staff will choreograph the movements and activities of Duncan and the other vessels assigned to the task group (currently a mix of warships from the USA, Spain, Canada, France and Italy) individually and collectively.

They will conduct specific exercises and operations, working with allied and partner nations across the Mediterranean.