EDGE to develop long-range, anti-ship missiles for Brazilian Navy

Defence company Edge Group has signed a strategic partnership and cooperation agreement for the development of long-range anti-ship missiles for the Brazilian Navy.

Edge Group

The agreement will see EDGE become a strategic partner of the Brazilian Navy by co-investing in long-range anti-ship missile development, as well as providing advanced solutions, such as anti-jamming technology, which is developed by EDGE in the UAE.

The Brazilian Navy will also utilise its fleet to support a full testing programme of the new missiles.

“Following the initial signing of our partnership agreement at LAAD 2023, we are tremendously pleased to have now reached this significant milestone with the Brazilian Navy.  By combining our collective investment and knowledge, we aim to create … long-range anti-ship missiles that will add unique capabilities to EDGE’s portfolio of products,” Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE, said.

“In recent years, the Brazilian Navy has made significant advancements in the development of the national surface anti-ship missile program (MANSUP), carrying out launches and overcoming technological challenges with the support of the National Industry. Today, we have reached another milestone as we combine the Brazilian Navy’s expertise with EDGE’s technology, to collectively focus on research, development, and innovation which will enhance the program and the Force’s operational capabilities,” Fleet Admiral José Augusto Vieira da Cunha de Menezes, Brazilian Navy, stated.