First crew joins UK’s first Type 31 frigate

The first crew has joined HMS Venturer – the lead vessel of five Type 31 Inspiration-class Royal Navy frigates which will be deployed around the globe by the end of the decade.

Royal Navy

Nine sailors, led by the warship’s Senior Naval Officer Commander Chris Cozens, are the first of ship’s company which will grow to more than 100 when the ship joins the Fleet.

The Type 31s are designed for a wide variety of roles around the world.


Armed with Sea Ceptor air defence missiles, a 57mm and two 40mm guns, a 4D radar, and carrying either a Wildcat or Merlin helicopter and up to three sea boats, HMS Venturer will be a part of the RN’s maritime security tasks.

The Type 31s are one of two classes of frigate under construction for the Royal Navy. They will conduct duties around the globe where the presence of a major Royal Navy warship is required – such as curbing drugs trafficking in the Caribbean or Middle East, working with NATO in the Mediterranean, and providing humanitarian relief and assistance to those that need it.


Venturer is due to emerge from the construction hall at Babcock’s Rosyth facility within a year and the growing ship’s company will work side-by-side with the MOD’s DE&S team, and shipbuilders to understand how to operate the ship and deliver it into service.

“Welcoming the first of HMS Venturer’s crew, joining the ship at our Rosyth facility is a another significant milestone on the Type 31 programme,” said Derek Jones, Type 31 Managing Director at Babcock.

Once accepted from Babcock, all five ships will undergo a period of capability upgrades under the MOD and demonstration trials before entering service with the Royal Navy.