Fincantieri inks deal for 3rd U212NFS submarine for Italian Navy

Shipbuilding company Fincantieri has been contracted to build the third U212NFS submarine for the Italian Navy.


As explained, OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’Armement, the international organization for joint armament cooperation) has exercised the construction of the third new generation submarine related to the U212NFS (Near Future Submarine) program.

The vessel has a total value of more than euro 500 million, including the integrated support service, and will be delivered in 2030.

Future program development also contemplates an additional 160 million for future additional activities or provision of specific additional capabilities required by the Navy.

The U212NFS submarines will have significant design modifications which will all be developed independently by Fincantieri, which holds the role of Design Authority, in accordance with the requirements of the navy.

The program responds to the need to secure adequate underwater spatial surveillance and control capacity, considering the future complex scenarios of underwater operations and that the operational lifetime of the 4 “Sauro” class submarines, currently in service, is drawing near.

The tasks that submarines perform for the benefit of the community are manifold. On a daily basis, the navy submarines are engaged in the surveillance of maritime communication routes and the underwater dimension, including within NATO and EU alliances.

It is a role that is becoming increasingly important in light of the country’s interests that reside below the surface of the sea, from seabed resources to underwater energy and communications infrastructure, Fincantieri noted.