Australia orders smart sea mines from Rheinmetall

RWM Italia S.p.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG in Italy, has won an order from the Commonwealth of Australia to deliver a significant quantity of smart sea mines. 

Illustration; Credit: US Navy

The Australian Defence Forces have purchased the latest generation of Rheinmetall smart sea mines, which will strengthen the Australian maritime Defence capabilities, with mines able to be deployed from several platforms. Defence evaluated market options last year, and has selected RWM Italia to provide the capability.

RWM Italia was assessed by the Commonwealth of Australia to possess both the technology to meet ADF strategic objectives and the ability to produce the quantities of mines required.

The types and numbers of sea mines to be provided are classified, but delivery is expected to commence this year.

Rapidly deployable and technologically sophisticated, the RWM Italia smart mines will provide a new level of deterrence to any potential adversary. Australian Industry will be engaged in the ongoing sustainment of the capability.

For Rheinmetall, the order is worth a figure of low three-digit million-euro range with potential growth in the coming years.