OSK Design unveils new concept of Arctic frigate

Danish naval architect company OSK Design has unveiled the latest concept for an Arctic frigate.

OSK Design

As explained, the vessel has a length of 125 meters, a beam of 18.0 meters, a maximum draught of 6 meters, and a top speed of 23+ knots. It is designed for operations in the North Atlantic, High North, and Greenland regions. 

One of the notable features of the Arctic frigate is its fully operational helicopter, ready to take on a key role in its missions. This helicopter is a critical asset for Arctic operations, allowing for airborne scouting, transport, and search and rescue missions in the challenging Arctic environment. 

According to the company, the ship includes a gun, missile launcher, and overhead weapon systems, ensuring readiness for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. It is powered by diesel-electric system (PODs).

The mission bay is designed to accommodate various modular systems and stores, such as the ACTAS ASW system, mine-laying modules, oil spill booms and equipment for the Arctic Standby Force, allowing for mission-specific adaptability.

With its large, modularized mission bay, this vessel is adaptable for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), surface and air surveillance, maintenance of sovereignty, search and rescue, disaster relief and enhanced self-defense.