Royal IHC inks maintenance deal for Dutch Navy’s auxiliary vessel trio

The Department of Material Maintenance (DMI) and Royal IHC have signed a contract for the execution of dock-related maintenance on three auxiliary vessels, HNLMSSnellius, HNLMS Luymes and HNLMS Mercuur. 

Royal IHC

As disclosed, the contract covers five docking periods spread over five years, during which the hydrographic survey vessels will undergo specified maintenance twice and the torpedo work vessel Mercuur once.

For the dock-related work, Royal IHC is working with Neptune Repair in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, where Royal IHC is responsible for project management.

Class inspections are also included in the maintenance. The Department of Material Maintenanceof the Royal Netherlands Navy continues to maintain the SEWACO part itself.

Work will start in November with HNLMS Luymes, which will be the first ship to be drydocked for maintenance.

“After the successful docking of the HNLMS Groningen, we are proud to once again contribute to increasing the operational readiness of the Royal Netherlands Navy. We look forward to working with the DMI project team on the maintenance of these three ships in the coming years,” Sjoerd de Bruin, Commercial Director Defence of Royal IHC stated.