USS Augusta enters service

Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Augusta (LCS 34) was commissioned at Eastport, Maine on 30 September.

US Navy

Augusta is the 17th Independence-variant LCS commissioned in the United States Navy, and the second U.S. Navy ship to bear this namesake. The vessel was delivered to the navy in May this year.

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“The USS AUGUSTA and her crew will play an important role in defending our nation and enabling global maritime freedom and commerce. She will be integrated into operations that provide presence and support both sea control and power projection, which are at the core of the Navy’s mission,” Vice Adm. John Fuller, Naval Inspector General.

Augusta (SSN-710), the first Naval vessel to be name for Maine’s capitol, served from 1985 – 2009, taking part in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Its sponsor was Mrs. Diana D. Cohen, wife of Senator William S. Cohen of Maine, who later served as the Secretary of Defense (1997–2001).

USS Manchester (LCS 14), USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10), USS Mobile (LCS 26), and USS Oakland (LCS 24) are deployed to Commander, 7th Fleet area of operations under Destroyer Squadron 7. USS Jackson (LCS 6) is currently deployed and is supporting Pacific Partnership, the largest annual multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Pacific.

Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ships are fast, optimally manned, mission-tailored surface combatants that operate in near-shore and open-ocean environments, winning against 21st-century coastal threats. LCS integrate with joint, combined, manned and unmanned teams to support forward presence, maritime security, sea control, and deterrence missions around the globe.

Independence-variant littoral combat ships (LCS) are built by Austal USA in Mobile, Alabama.