Another UK’s Type 23 frigate heads to Middle East

Royal Navy warship, Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond is Gulf-bound to support the international effort protecting shipping.

Royal Navy

The frigate will stand in for HMS Diamond and HMS Lancaster when either vessel needs to break off patrols for re-supply or maintenance.

Diamond is assigned to a newly-established international security mission, Operation Prosperity Guardian which was inaugurated last month following a series of drone and missile attacks threatening shipping passing through the Red Sea.

Meanwhile frigate HMS Lancaster is on a long-term mission in the Middle East, largely focused on the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, hunting down drug smugglers and arms traffickers.

When the ship arrives in the region in a few weeks, Richmond will “provide resilience to the UK’s presence in the Gulf,” according to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

If necessary, the frigate will use its Sea Ceptor anti-missile system to protect merchant vessels, as well as provide wider assurance of the presence of a warship.

“It’s a real challenge to quickly shift from the freezing temperatures of the Baltic to the warm waters of the Gulf. However, our ship and crew are well prepared for any eventuality; it’s a very dynamic, quickly- changing situation in the Red Sea at the moment but we are ready and looking forward to doing our bit,” said Lieutenant Jack Tarr, Richmond’s senior Officer of the Watch.

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