Data Link Solutions to provide FireNet tactical systems for US Navy

The U.S. Navy has awarded Data Link Solutions, a joint venture between BAE Systems and Rockwell Collins, a contract to provide small form factor (SFF) Link 16 radios, which will be fulfilled using BAE Systems’ FireNet Link 16 tactical systems. 

BAE Systems

Warfighters today operate in network-centric, information-intensive environments that demand wide data bandwidth, network diversity, and constant connectivity.

Large volumes of accurate, reliable information need to be exchanged in real time to maintain situational awareness. The FireNet system delivers that edge with additional narrow, wide-band, and tactical data link capabilities, according to BAE Systems.

“We have developed a first-of-its kind small form factor system that enables full Link 16 connectivity. FireNet is scalable and modular to give our service men and women a battlefield advantage in network-centric environments across domains,” said Amber Dolan, director of Adaptive Communications and Sensing at BAE Systems.

“Using the government’s program of record waveform, we can reduce lifecycle costs, quickly deliver updated capabilities, and enhance mission survivability across manned and unmanned fleets.”

The FireNet system is Crypto Modernization 1 compliant and offers the highest transmit power available in an SFF radio for current and future fleets.

The system addresses size, weight, and power demands and its applications can extend across rotary-wing aircraft, unmanned vehicles, maritime vessels, and space platforms. It enables additional line-of-sight voice, data, and network communications from very high frequency to S-Band.

With more than two decades of expertise in the radio market, BAE Systems’ narrowband and broadband communication technologies span airborne, maritime, and ground applications across the radio frequency and visible spectrum.

“These battle-proven, highly-reliable systems also feature multi-band, secure anti-jam voice, data imagery transmission, and network-capable communications. The company’s family of products merges the latest generation wideband, high speed hardware, and software technologies to provide warfighters with the communication solutions they need in the modern battlefield,” BAE noted.

Work on the FireNet system will take place at BAE Systems’ Wayne, New Jersey; Austin, Texas; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Hudson, New Hampshire sites.

Qualification and certification will begin in 2024.