Indra to provide electronic defence systems for Saudi Arabian Navy’s MMSCs

Spanish company Indra has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to equip the four multim mission surface combat ships (MMSCs) which will be delivered to the Royal Saudi Arabian Navy with an electronic defence system capable of detecting the presence of any platform and classifying it by threat level. 


To carry out this project, Indra will have the support of SAMI-AEC a subsidiary of SAMI, a technology and manufacturing enterprise specializing in the defence and aerospace, digital, energy, and security sectors in the Middle East.

The 118-meter-long vessels with a range of 5,000 nautical miles are prepared for coastal and ocean operations and meet the requirements of the most modern navies.

They will be fitted with Indra’s Rigel Electronic Support Measures system (Rigel EW suite), which will be responsible for detecting and analyzing radar signals from other vessels in the area of operations, identifying and classifying them to determine the level of threat they represent.

This critical information enhances a ship’s survivability in hostile environments, ensuring maximum situational awareness and responsiveness and providing invaluable intelligence for the entire Saudi fleet, according to the firm.  

The company maintains a collaboration agreement with SAMI in the field of naval EW to provide this critical technology to the Royal Saudi Naval Force. This program represents the consolidation of this collaboration that began with the Avante 2200 corvette program.

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“Our Electronic Warfare capacities, with state-of-the-art systems, allows us to be part of such ambitious and demanding defence programs as this one. We feel very proud to work together with Lockheed Martin and SAMI in the development of these four ships for the Royal Saudi Naval Force, one of the most prominent and larger projection navies of the world,” Indra’s Land and Naval Systems Director Jaime Temes stated.